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Trimming & Leaf Plucking

Our Gregoire harvesters are multi-functional, meaning they can be re-configured by removing the harvesting head and fitting other viticulture tools. Each year, we reconfigure five machines to their trimming & leaf plucking modes.

–          Four machines are fitted with rotary blade trimmers on the front and Gregoire DX-30 leaf pluckers on the rear. This gives us the ability to trim and pluck each row in a single pass.

–          One machine is fitted with a Gregoire DX- 55 which is a four headed leaf plucker, giving us the ability to cover 2 rows in a single pass.

A key advantage of using an “over-the-row” machine is the ability to level in the row on undulating terrain, thus maintaining correct positioning of both the trimmer and leaf plucker blades.