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mechanical harvesting

Valley Harvesting grape harvesting

Grape Harvesting

Marlborough has arguably one of the most challenging vintages to be found anywhere. Notable for it’s intense work period where people and machinery are pushed to the limits. Valley Harvesting has built up a strong history of coping with the stress of vintage through it’s highly skilled operations staff coupled with it’s fleet of proven harvesting machines ..more

grape harvesting

Valley Harvesting leaf picking

Trimming & Leaf Removal

Canopy Management is an important aspect of Viticulture due to its effect on grape yields, quality, vigor and prevention of grape diseases. The purpose of leaf removal is to open up the interior of the canopy to light and air to promote fruit ripening, reduce disease pressure and increase spray coverage. The benefits of leaf removal can be dramatic as exposure can enhance fruit flavour, colour and wine texture..more

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Valley Harvesting about-us

Machine Thinning

Managing grape volume to ensure a consistent supply of wine reaches the market is a key factor in the profitability of the wine industry. Excess crop load can also result in under-ripe berries and a dilution of the compounds necessary to produce a high quality wine. Machine thinning is a cost effective and rapid method of assisting growers in achieving target yields ..more